Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Zoo Fun Cont.


Missy said...

Titus is getting bigger by the minute. Are you sure you don't have him signed up for the major leagues.. I bet he would be a great Brave.

Urgent prayer request. Pastor Jack Riffe had a heart attack yesterday. From what I understand, he is supposed to be having double bypass. Will keep you posted.

He was planning on leaving tomorrow with Mrs. Riffe for Bible Conference at Crown. Grace was so excited to be able to see them but will not get to now. When you see her this week, give her extra hugs from Mom, Mrs. Riffe and Pastor.

Pam said...

hey it's me again. Don't know if you you will even get a chance to see this before Monday, but if you do, please remember my dad, Jack Riffe, in prayer. He is scheduled for a double bypass at noon on Monday. He had 5 bypasses back in 99. Monday is a redo of 2 of those that have worn out.Thanks!
Have a blessed Easter!