Monday, May 07, 2007

Fun Times


Pam said...

I love those rosy red cheeks on Titus! I bet he was hot. It looks like the babies are plaing in a church nursery! I bet while on deputation, you are doing lots of that, making churches your temporary homes!

Thanks for your prayers for dad. He is recuperating wonderfullly! He has lost so much weight though, his skins just hangs in wrinkles. My daddy is starting to look old! But God has been so good to him - well, all of us. He did have a little set back when a pinched nerve manifested itself a few days after he got home from the hospital. An mri showed he also had fluid building around it. So stonger pain killers were prescribed and some Prednisons (steroids) to help him over the worst of it. He was able to come over Sat. and stay with Sahne my 9 yr. old while mom and I attended a Mother/Daughter Luncheon at my church here in Wesley Chapel.

God bless you as you travel. I trust you all will soon be on your way to England!

Oh The Queen is at the White House today! It was so cute when during the welcoming ceremony, President Bush actually looked at her and winked! She didn't seem to know what to do about that! LOL

Shane Rios said...

aa thei realy cute

Grace Bowden said...

our little boy is getting so big and so is our little girl. you guys have to tell me when you come down to Florida so my mom tracy and I can see you guys. O my pastor preached today it was a great sermon and he is doing great also.

Grace Bowden said...

it was great to see you guys on sunday. I just wish we could have talked more. Mom and Julie (the lady with us) said that Titus is so cute and that he is going to be a heartbreaker. I think he already is he breaks my heart everytime I see how big he gets. next time maybe Tracy will get to see you guys. O pastor is feeling great John really should give hima call see if you guys can come down while I am still here. wink wink

WebsterQuad said...

Sara, you and John have beautiful children!! I love Sydney's cute little thighs, Ava had the same thighs, and we called her "chunka munka". And Titus is going to break some hearts, what a cutie;) Our children are getting so big aren't they?... I can't believe we've been out of school for almost 10 years now. Time flies and we're becoming old ladies, lol. I'm glad we are getting together on Mon, I can't wait to see you and your children.